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Sonia (5487)
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Dátum narodenia: 1987-05-28
Pohlavie: Ženy
Národnosť: Poľská
2011 Technical University , Gdansk, environmental engineering
High School nr 10, Gdy, science class
Pracovné skúsenosti:
2010 - 2014 Science Center Kopernik, Warsaw, Poland, Leader of Young Explorer's Club
2011 - 2014 SMYK kindergarden , Gdynia. Poland, educator, science workshops organiser
2013 - 2013 Hotel Golebiewski****, Mikolajki, Poland, Science Shows organiser
2010 - 2013 Science Center EduPark, Gdansk, Poland, educator, animator, Science Shows & workshops organiser
2013 - 2013 Center of Civic Education, Warsaw, Poland, Science Shows organiser
2008 - 2009 Science Center Experiment, Gdynia, Poland, Science Workshop organiser
2005 - 2008 The magic of Kashubian, Gdynia. Poland, children animator, stagewoman
Rodinný stav:
Výška (cm):
165 cm
Váha (kg):
70 kg
Absolvovaný STAGEMAN tréning:
Cuzdie jazyky:
Anglicky - Úroveň: Výborný
Nemecký - Úroveň: Základný
Preferovaná pracovná pozícia:
Animator, Team Leader, Čašník, DJ, Hosteska, children&family worhshops organiser. family festivals organiser
Dostupnosť :
2014-07-07 -
V ktorých krajinách by ste chceli pracovať?
Poľsko, Egypt, Tunis, Španielsko, Turecko, Grécko, Oman, Bulharsko, Taliansko, Litva
Pracovať ako:
Tanečné schopnosti:
Aerobic, Aquagym, Zumba
Športové schopnosti:
Mini Golf, Iné
Ďalšie (v anglickom jazyku):
I can organise also a sports class, like olympic games

My other skills:
- ballon twisting
- face/body painting
- decorating rooms (ballon scultures also)
- birthday parties organising
- Science Shows and Workshops orginising
- Bubble Show organising
- leading a festivals
- I'm also experienced stagewoman
- Do It Yourself workshops organising
- Family Workshops about health organising ("To eat or not to eat?"
- training other animators
Čo očakávate od svojho zamestnávateľa?
The most impotant for me is honesty and trust, that's essential except to provide me accommodation and feeding.
What is additional and good for me and my future worker is give me chance to realise my own ideas of making fun with children, but be shure all of it would be consulted with a worker. I have 9 years experience to organise plenty activities for poeple and it would be great it i could use it in my fututre job.
Popíšte sám seba, svoju osobnosť
- cheerful
- bubbly
- nice
- well organised
- creative
- conscientious
- smiling
- talkative
- smart
- active
- hard working
- children lover
Prečo máme vybrať práve Vás?
I have 9 years experience working with kids. I used to organise about 2 000 hours of various family shows, festivals and workshops during that time. It was impossible to describe everything of it in EXPERIENCE blank, because most of them I was organising as an owner of my own edutaiinment company.
I've started my job as an regular animator and I was working in that 3 years long. I know how to twisting a ballons, playing various games with group of children, organising theme days, decorating rooms and organising birthday parties. I also know face painting, magic/science tricks (it depends from the worker how you want to call that) and making Bubble Shows with huge bubbles (I have my own recipe).
After 3 years I've started to passionate about making fun with science and this is what Im exaclty doing last few years. In Europe is still quite new but fast growing trend. This job is not my extra job, but my passion. I'm very eperienced person and with me hotels can give to their customers more than people know from every one hotel, but if you tell me to do just basic animator job, it is also no problem for me.
I can tell you one - there is no children, and also almost no adults who will not take care of science experiments. You can also call it magic if you want, and I will organise it like a magican does. Tohether we an organise wokshops like: Do it Yourself - colorful soaps, secrets of animals, be a Wizard, plenty of Science Shows, Bubble Shows and many, many more. It enough you asked for something - i"m very creative person, all of my scripts wrote by myself and I can keep doing it. I've organised about 40 different subjects in the past. All of it is more than entertainment, it is EDUtainment - you can learn something on it and still having a great fun.
Of course all of it I can lead in english. I also have a stage experience, and I used to training children animators and educators. And of course I have fantastic contact with children and their parents.
If you want someone more than just a regular animator - choose me.

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