Agnieszka (6961)
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Date of Birth: 1989-09-06
Sex: Women
Nationality: Polish
2011 University of Zielona Góra, Zielona Góra, Social Prevention and Rehabilitation
2013 Wroclaw University, Wrocław, Socio-Cultural Education
2015 Musical School Capitol, Wrocław, Actor
Work expierience:
2011 - Still Bentur - Travel Agency, Łódź/Poland and Bulgaria, Group Leader/All Round Animator
2013 - 2013 Jaworzyna Tour - Travel Agency, Wrocław/Poland, Group Leader
2015 - Still Pink Wave and Claps, Cypr/Greece-Rhodes, Junior club/Fitness-Sport/All Round Animator
Marital status:
Height (cm):
170 cm
Weight (kg):
60 kg
Training completed:
Languages skills:
English - Level: Good
German - Level: Basic
Polish - Level: Mother's
Preferred job:
Animator, Waiter, Singer
2016-06-27 - 2016-09-30
What countries do you want to work in?
Poland, Egypt, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy
Work as:
Full-paid job
Dance skills:
Aerobic, Aquagym, Zumba
Sport skills:
Volleyball, Waterpolo, Boules, Dart's, Others
Additional (in English):
I have got cours of Group Leader on the summer camps. I organize a whole day and all activities for kids and teenagers.
Apart from that, I have been leading zumba since few years during summer camps and animation.
During my last season in Greece I was leading Junior club ( variety activities for teenagers: 13-17 years-old) and then I was in Fitness so I can lead Watergym, Waterfit, Zumba, Aerobic aso.
Apart from that I was singing during the show because I sing in my daily life, I finished Musical School and now I mainly play on the stage and sing but I can also dance (I know a lot of steps and choreography). That is why I could be one of the leading dance party such as latin party.
What do you expect from your employer?
There is nice when my boss is also my supporter. Good mood in animation is the one of the most important things in this kind of job:)
Can you describe yourself (personality)?
Generally I think, I have quite good relations with people ;)
I am open-minded and chatty. I love talk to people and I love to get to know new people! I am easy-going but I don't break the rules. I am punctual and I don't like a mess (but I am not a pedant- easy :D). I can adapt to new situations very quickly and I am not afraid to ask about help if I don't know something because I want to do my job well.
Why should we choose you?
Before I started waork as an animator I couldn't imagine that I can be smiling every day (I mean, even if we have sometimes bad day) but now I know, this job give me a power and really positive energy and actually, every day when I meet people and I smile to them and they give me back this smile, this is the best beginnig of my day. Seriously! My buddies say about me that sometimes I am like a mascot for people. Always smiling, doing funny(sometimes stupid ;D) things and actually...I agree with this opinion. Animation is like a big dream for me. I go to work of course and I try to do my job as good as I can but I feel like in my dream in a moment far away from a daily routine if You know what I mean ;)
Anyway, the most important is doing what we want to do. In this way we can be happy. And I can say I am happy and I hope I will able to be happy more and more because I'd like to keep this job. I have too much energy to sit around and wait for a marvel. I need to do something for people yesterday, now, tomorrow, every day :)

PS. My availability is just during the summer because I work in the theater during the rest of the year but. I have two weeks per month free so I am interested also a short-term work all year if You want, if You need :)


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