Petra (6788)
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Date of Birth: 1996-07-03
Sex: Women
Nationality: Slovak
2015 The Hague University of Applied Sciences, The Hague, the Netherlands
2014 Gymnasium Bilikova, Bratislava, Slovakia
Work expierience:
2014 - 2014 Schweizer s.r.o., Bratislava, promoter, seller
2009 - Still Slovak Scouting, Bratislava, leader
2010 - 2013 Gymnik (university dance ensemble), Bratislava, dancer
2000 - 2010 Kobylka (dance ensemble), Bratislava, dancer
2006 - 2009 FC Tatran Stupava , Stupava, player
2006 - 2008 School Volleyball Club, Bratislava, player
Marital status:
Height (cm):
168 cm
Weight (kg):
64 kg
Training completed:
Languages skills:
English - Level: Fluent
German - Level: Good
Slovak - Level: Mother's
Czech - Level: Fluent
Other - Level: Good
Preferred job:
Animator, Reception desk
2015-08-01 - 2015-11-30
What countries do you want to work in?
Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy
Work as:
Full-paid job
Dance skills:
Sport skills:
Volleyball, Football, Others
Additional (in English):
I would like to mention some more experiential pinpoints, for example when I participated in the international educational project Me, Myself and I organised by the world student organisation AIESEC for peers, where I received plenty of new ideas for use in business career, games and personal development activities (2014). Apart from that, I volunteered in youth and sport events such as Men of Steel Run (2015) or Youth Fest in Brussels (2015). Lastly to mention, short-term volunteer experience in environmental work and renovation in France in 2013 I got engaged in workshops and activities for young volunteers between the age of 15 to 19.

Throughout the seven years in scouting I got experience in event organization, group management and animation during summer camps.

In terms of language, from the last year I hold a proof of my English language skills, the IELTS certificate at the level C2 of the Common European Framework.
What do you expect from your employer?
My expections from the employers are the same as their expectations from me – responsible approach with regard to safe and enthusiastic working environment, friendly atmosphere, tolerance and mutual respect between the employer and me as well as among other colleagues. I expect honest treatment and job, which fulfills everything what was previously agreed upon, including proper working time and salary. Within these expactations I am prepared to give the best possible and enthusiastic input.
Can you describe yourself (personality)?
I am a young person trying to live a life with purpose, a passionate scout and young leader. What I really like is meeting new people of various cultures, personal growth, non-formal style of education via experience and adventure, learning new languages and bursts of creative ideas for activities and events.

I consider myself to be very responsible and strong in communication as well as teamwork. My lifestyle is active and full of energy, usually I spend a lot of time among people or outdoors doing sports. The things I do are always what I like and put my full self into.

Self-motivation and positive thinking are a powerful drive. The same is interest in traveling and multicultural society.

Goal? Positive contribution to the world through educating and raising kind-hearted, aware and active young generation.

Open-minded to any new opportunities which the life offers.
Why should we choose you?
Recently I have left the potential career in international relations to devote more time to work with youth and children, inspire and develop them through experiential activities and events. My seven-year life experience in scouting have given me a perfect backgroung to lead, manage and prepare programme for any age group.

Moreover I am keen on sporting and trying new adventurous things. My personality is happy, friendly,and with a very good relationship with children and youth. I am always determined to do the things in the best possible way as well as from heart.

Finally, I hope that the developed skills such as responsibility, communication and both event and group management, combined with passion for traveling, mischellaneous cultures and places, create a pleasant platform to become the right animator or receptionist.

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