Nikolett (4790)
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Date of Birth: 1995-02-17
Sex: Women
Nationality: Polish
2014 III Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Marynarki Wojennej, Gdynia, historia- polski- angielski
Work expierience:
Marital status:
Height (cm):
161 cm
Weight (kg):
48 kg
Training completed:
Leisure-time Animation™
Languages skills:
English - Level: Fluent
German - Level: Basic
Spanish - Level: Basic
Polish - Level: Mother's
Preferred job:
2014-05-23 - 2014-09-28
What countries do you want to work in?
Egypt, Spain, Bulgaria, Italy
Work as:
Full-paid job
Dance skills:
Aerobic, Aquagym
Sport skills:
Volleyball, Waterpolo, Football, Mini Golf
Additional (in English):
This May I'm graduating from high school and I have longest holidays in my life- I'm available from the end of May to the end of September. As I aim to study early education with English, I want to spend my holidays on working with children. I believe that becoming an entertainer would affect me greatly and turn me into even better person and teacher.
Since I remember, I have always been on some various extra classes. I took part in history of art course (2 years, full course), journalism (5 years), drawing and paiting, singing, acting, dancing- I have done all of that. So even though I lack in formal experience, I'm sure that I can handle working as an entertainer. And besides- I am willing everything which is necessary to my job- from fitness sets to some classical dances.
What do you expect from your employer?
I intend to work in a friendly hotel which provide good working enviroment for entertainers and guests. I'd like t work for people ready to cooperate and with mind opened to new ideas. It would be great, if you let me work with children and have equipment which would ease my work. I want an employment who would treat me fair and have realistic requirements.
Can you describe yourself (personality)?
I'm an independent, honest, patient, full of positive energy person who always have a big smile on face. As I have been a member of teatrical class in secondary school, I have courage to dance, sing or act. I was taught creative thinking and working based on drama methods.

Do you remember what Jane sang in Mary Poppins? Kids wanted a nanny who was described like this: "Play games all sorts. You must be kind, you must be witty; very sweet and fairly pretty (...) Take us on outings, give us treats. Sing songs, bring sweets. Never be cross or cruel".

I believe that this is exactly what majority of kids want- and I can assure you that I am such a person- which would make stay in your hotel even better.
Why should we choose you?
I may lack in experience, but my positive energy and passion makes it all up. If you choose me, you would employ a person who knows how to make people happy and comfortable. Definetly I won't let your guests feel bored or sad.
I believe that I have that "thing" which helps me connecting people and providing fun :)

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