GintarÄ— (4740)
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Date of Birth: 1996-08-15
Sex: Women
Nationality: Lithuanian
Work expierience:
Marital status:
Height (cm):
174 cm
Weight (kg):
60 kg
Training completed:
Languages skills:
English - Level: Good
Russian - Level: Basic
Polish - Level: Basic
Lithuanian - Level: Mother's
Preferred job:
2014-05-01 - 2014-08-01
What countries do you want to work in?
Tunisia, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy
Work as:
Doesn't matter
Dance skills:
Zumba, Salsa, Hip Hop, Bachata
Sport skills:
Additional (in English):
I can dance! And I really like it! :) I don't have skills in freestyle, but i can dance at all. Only release music. :)
I like to communicate, to play, to amuse, to organize, to do something, not to lay in my bed! I want travel around the world, i want to smile for all the people and give them all my good mood! I like to take part in some projects, go to seminars and expand my comfort zone.
What do you expect from your employer?
The most important thing for me is mutual trust and respect.
Can you describe yourself (personality)?
I am always smiling and always trying to find out, that everything will be okay, in one word - i am optimist.
In every situation i am looking for the best solution instead of panic.
I am able to communicate with children, because I have a younger brother and also I am a volunteer in organisation "Caritas".
I can organize some events and work with team, because in my school I belong to the student council.
I am able to lead and I have sense of responsibility, because I not only belong to student council, but I am also chairman of this council.
I am very sociable and brave. And I like to talk. Really.
Why should we choose you?
Why me? Because I really (REALLY REALLY) want it and I think, that I am suitable for this job in knowing my personality and other pluses. I always have ideas in my head, also I am a very flexible person. I am always listening what other people says to me and I am always ready to help. I am not afraid of responsibility. And i am veeery active person. :)

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