Roman (4564)
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Date of Birth: 1994-05-15
Sex: Men
Nationality: Czech
Czechoslavonic Academy of Business, Prague, Ekonomic Lyceum
Work expierience:
2012 - 2012 Skanska, a.s., Prague, Administrative officer
2009 - 2014 Data Collect, a.s., Prague, Questioner
Marital status:
Height (cm):
197 cm
Weight (kg):
85 kg
Training completed:
Languages skills:
English - Level: Fluent
German - Level: Good
Preferred job:
Animator, Reception desk, Hostess
What countries do you want to work in?
Egypt, Tunisia, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Italy
Work as:
Doesn't matter
Dance skills:
Sport skills:
Additional (in English):
I worked at MC Donald, in the center of Prague, in the street Na Příkopě. Already here, I thus had the opportunity to practice foreign languages​​.
In connection with foreign languages I ​​has continued to participate on videos translations from English into Czech - Khan's school.
In addition, I tutor the little fellow Czech, English. And occasionally I practice dogs to pre-defined activities.
What do you expect from your employer?
I do not have any specific requirements, I expect a classic performance contracting parties, according to a predetermined contract.
Can you describe yourself (personality)?
I am a nineteen year old boy who last year successfully completed high school and now I am looking for a job opportunity. I am in the zodiacal sign the bull, so one of my main traits include courage, patience, diligence, self-discipline, artistic sensibility, reliability and last but not least consistency.
Unfortunately I do no sports now actively, but I like cycling and swimming.
I am a person based on the information. I have lots of hobbies, especially information in a variety of fields like psychology, history, astronomy, anthropology,
paleontology, geography, general affairs, political science, philosophy, reading, music, nature walks, movies, self-education, animals.
Why should we choose you?
Because I am a social and collective person. Any new situation is a challenge for me.
The opportunity to work abroad is an essential opportunity for me in many ways, for which I would be eternally grateful.
I love adventure, but at the same time I remember of my obligations, in simpler terms, I am a responsible person.

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