Richard (4730)
El. paštas: Užsakyti prieigą
Pilnas adresas: Užsakyti prieigą
Telefonas: Užsakyti prieigą
Gimimo data: 1995-02-17
Lytis: Vyras
Pilietybė: Slovakų
2014 secondary grammar school, Zvolen,
Darbo patirtis:
2012 - Vis dar Fitextra gym, Zvolen, handler, personal trainer
2013 - Vis dar slovak football asociation, slovak republic, football referee
Šeimyninė padėtis:
Laisva / laisvas
Ūgis [cm]:
183 cm
Svoris [kg]:
80 kg
Baigti mokymai:
Laisvalaikio animacija ™
Anglų - Lygis: Puikiai
Vokiečių - Lygis: Pagrindai
Slovakų - Lygis: Gimtoji
Čekų - Lygis: Puikiai
Norimas darbas:
Animatorius, Sports animator
Kada galite dirbti (nuo - iki):
2014-05-31 - 2014-01-11
Kokiose šalyse norite dirbti?
Egiptas, Tunisas, Ispanija, Turkija, Graikija, Bulgarija, Italija
Darbo režimas:
Darbas pilnu etatu
Tinklinis, Vandensvydis, Futbolas, Dartai, Kiti
Papildoma informacija:
Kokius keliate reikalavimus darbdaviui?
I think I can learn fast, but I haven´t got experiences with this job, so I expect for you a bit of patience. And because of that fact, that I am beginner I require a monthly salary 500-600 euros, food, acommodation and flight ticket for free.
Kokios jūsų asmeninės savybės?
Let me introduce myslelf please. My name is Richard Lepieš. I am 19, I am from Zvolen in Slovakia and I study on secondary grammar school. I have learned English and German at this school. The level of English is upper intermediate and level of German is basic. I prefer English because I have learned it longer than German. In my free time I used to play football professionaly, I play the third Slovak league, so my condition is very well. I enjoy to play any kind of sport, for example volleyball, tennis, swimming of fitness. I am Professional football referee too. If I should write a bit about me, I would continue with my active personality. I think I am very talkative, communicative, not shy and I try to do everything I do as best as I can. I love working with people, be in contact with them, entertain them and help them. I love traveling, sports, summer, getting new places and people too. To my job experiences I could include work in gym. I work there like a handler but like a personal trainer too. This gym has the most guests in comparing with the other gyms in Zvolen, so I am in contact with many people and I really like it. It is better then only be closed in office.
Kodėl turime pasirinkti būtent jus?
Well, I think that this job, I mean animator is great because when I was on holiday with my parents, the team of animators had get better our holiday. There was o lot of fun, and I enjoyed it. I am very responsible in everything I do and working as an animator was my long time dream and now I have finally an opportunity to go for it. I am sure that I would be a great choice for you as an employer. I will show my appreciation for giving me an opportunity to work as an animator which for now is my „dream job“. I think that I would be good for you, because as I have meant, I love sports, I am professional football player and referee and I have got experiences with work in gym. The owner of the gym is my good friend and he teached me a lot about diets, supplements and bodybuilding. I think that I can use it like an animator. I have experiences with working in many people, I am not shy,I am creative, I know the rules of lot of sports..It´s maybe a bit self-confidence, but I think that this job is "created for me and I am created for this job. So I hope that you should contact me, because I think that I would be good sports animator in your hotel resort.

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