Why Work & Fun?

Trust is an important value in the travel industry. So we invite you to develop your trust in our site. We do not charge any fees (not even 'hidden' ones) from Animators, and we are loyal and transparent in our relationships with Business Partners. We use the services of the main experts in the field of leisure-time animation in Europe and that is why our services are always designed to meet the specific needs of each of our Customers. 


Advantages of WORK & FUN™ for Animators:

1. We never charge Candidates any fees for job offers, and we will never charge them in the future

2. We communicate directly with Employers without any employment agencies

3. Your CV will go directly to the computers of the most important Employers in Europe


Advantages of WORK & FUN™ for Employers:

1. Our Candidates are trained by experts - we don't have any amateurs here

2. Recruitment through our website is efficient and saves your time and money 

3. You will find plenty of highly motivated interns and trainees through this website


Examples of Clients who trust us:

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