What is leisure-time animation all about?

Leisure time animation is a special division of tourism, dealing with the organization of people’s leisure time when on holiday. The animator is a person who plays with kids, organizes sports activities and presents evening shows for tourists.{img60e-right}Leisure time animation is as important as food, comfortable rooms or any other service in the hotel. Nowadays, most people who stay in hotels in the summer season, need the opportunity to have fun and do something active with family or friends.

For candidates, being an animator offers two great opportunities: adventure and the possibility to earn money. If you become an animator you can be sure there will be a lot of travelling and adventure in your life. You will also have the opportunity to earn your own money and meet new, wonderful people. You can learn languages with native speakers and develop yourself in this interesting profession. Simply finish the animation training and register at 

For hotels, leisure time animation is a great opportunity to improve marketing and public relations. Guests have a better opinion of hotels with animation and a lot of these guests come back again in the future. Animation is also about improving the sale of hotel gadgets and services. This is a XXI  century service.

Why your hotel needs leisure-time animators?

{img62e-left}There are lots of reasons to introduce animation to a hotel:

* animators will build a positive image of the Hotel
* animators can increase the percentage of people who return to the hotel in the future
* animators increase consumption in the hotel restaurant or bar, thus increasing the profit from sales
* animators take care of children, allowing  adults to relax in the hotel and giving them the chance to participate in leisure-time activities
* animators take care of the atmosphere in the hotel - they are optimistic, cheerful, committed, and focused on communication
* animators will help gain a competitive advantage on the local market
* animators are the symbols of a modern hotel industry - focused on the needs of the guests and customers – helping to create a truly twenty-first century hotel
* animators are ahead of the trends in tourism – providing your market today with the services of tomorrow!

Animators will bring highly effective services and strategies to your hotel. Entertainers are focused to meet the needs of the hotel industry, but Work & Fun add something more, something you will not find anywhere else. We propose:

* 1 to 100 leisure time animators for your hotel
* contracts from 1 hour to a full year of cooperation
* the preparation of an exclusive animation program for your hotel
* the participation of a representative of your hotel in our animator training (free of charge)
* the selection of animators for you
* the preparation of a report on the impact of animation on your business

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