Zuzanna (283)
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Date of Birth: 1992-04-08
Sex: Women
Nationality: Polish
Academy of Humanities and Economics , Lodz, Poland, Pedagogy of dance
2012 Skolerne i Oure Sport & Performance, Oure, Denmark, modern & ballet
Work experience:
2009 - Still Dance Theatre, Lodz, Poland, dancer
2013 - Still Family Dance School, Lodz, Poland, dance instructor
2012 - 2012 "Frajda" travel agency, Warsaw, Poland, Dance teacher and counselor on the kids campus
2011 - 2011 "KPP" company (travel agency), Gdynia, Poland, Dance teacher and counselor on the kids campus
2011 - 2011 Empik cafe, Lodz, Poland, barista
Marital status:
Height (cm):
170 cm
Weight (kg):
59 kg
Training completed:
Languages skills:
English - Level: Fluent
Spanish - Level: Basic
Polish - Level: Mother's
Other - Level: Basic
Preferred job:
Animator, Reception desk, Dancer, working with children
2013-06-24 - 2013-09-30
What countries do you want to work in?
Poland, Tunisia, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy
Work as:
Full-paid job
Dance skills:
Aerobic, Zumba, Salsa, Hip Hop
Sport skills:
Volleyball, Dart's, Mini Golf, Others
Additional (in English):
Other - qualifications:

Egurrola Dance Studio and Polish Sports Academy, course for dance instructors, title of qualification awarded : jazz dance instructor

Regional Teachers Educating Resort in Lodz, Poland - Children counselor qualifications (that allowed me to be a teacher on campuses and kids trips, recived in May, 2011)

Recently I am interested in Skandynavian culture and I learn danish language. I am keen in dance theory and choreography, have experienced different techinques.
What do you expect from your employer?
I will be glad if the employers gives me:
-opportunity to use my skills and experience that cannot be used in any other craft
-get experience to work in changing surrounding and in specific, spontaneous way
-motivation by giving me responsible and creative tasks, not exact and stiff schedule of duties
-respect me and treat me as a partner
Can you describe yourself (personality)?
I am a kind of person that is very creative at work when feel free in acting. I mean that I can give a lot of myself when there is a task or a problem to solve.
I think I'm open-minded and tolerant in contact with other culture and traditions. I fully comprehend the cultural diversity of human beings and actually I am really interested in this topic.
I don't like to do something unproffesionally - I like to know the case before doing however I have good imporvising skills and can get prepered to a new task quickly. I learn very fast.
Why should we choose you?
In my experience I included my work at dance campuses for children. In that job I learnt how to animate kids in different age and give them variety of activities form early morning to evening. I had to relate/ join many profession in one. Also while leading dance classes I have to know and feel the group quickly to introduce proper exercises. I think that is a good experience as for animator.
What's more I'm very sociable person and love to talk and listen about different stories of people.
My friends say I have a gift to encourage people to do extrardinary things and to bring people together.

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